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Member Spotlight - Greg Chartier

    March 12, 2017

    Greg Chartier 

    Professor Pace University - continuing education, SHRM Certification & Recertification Credits. 

    HR Entrepreneur - has owned his consulting firm for over 15 years.

    Greg has been an active member of WHRMA for 20 years, holding both Recertification and Treasurer positions.

    Being asked to be Treasurer Greg was out of his element, "it was not anything I'd done before." He laughed, but admitted it was another great experience to hone his business skills. 

    The motivating factor for Greg to join WHRMA was to NETWORK. He felt it was so important for HR professionals to get out of the office and interact with each other. "I wanted to be able to call people up, people I trust for information, advice and conversation."

    Greg also hold certification and feels the meetings are the perfect opportunity to network and learn.

    "Our chapter doesn't just focus on big business, here in Westchester we also represent small business and it's important to also have a source for information and advice."

    Finally, if Greg had one superpower he would pick flying - like Superman. And he is a lot like the man in the red cape, always around for advice and mentorship while running his own successful business, teaching and being an active WHRMA member. 

    Cheers to Greg, another great reason to be apart of the WHRMA organization!