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Manhattanville Career Mentor Program - Seeking Mentors!

    While the concept of formal mentoring is not new, the ways in which smart companies conceptualize, track, and leverage these relationships are constantly evolving. Research shows that people from diverse groups have reduced access to mentors when compared to their colleagues and that most organizations are not taking full advantage of mentoring for career development, or taking adequate steps to ensure strategic metrics and accountability measures are in place.
     (as reported by Catalyst)
    The Manhattanville College Women's Leadership Institute and Career Development Center are proud to announce their collaboration to offer a Career Mentor Program to begin in 2017.
    We are seeking Career Mentors who will offer a range of guidance and advice to undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of Manhattanville College. Mentor activities can range from a one-time informational phone call to ongoing in-person mentoring. Preferred activities can be indicated in the Additional Information section and updated as necessary.  A Career Mentor Program Orientation will be provided prior to the start of the program so that all are familiar with the role of a mentor and expectations.

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    Contact:  Email or Call 914-323-1482