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Workplace Motivation Across Generations | Team Management

    Workplace motivation is a key element in managing an effective and dynamic team, but multi-generational offices require individualized strategies to maintain morale and team building.

    As many older employees will have stayed in the same workplace for a significant amount of time, they value recognition for their loyalty and achievements. Employee spotlights in company meetings or newsletters can show long-term employees that they are appreciated. Meanwhile, millennials typically lack company loyalty, but highly value mentorships and interpersonal communication. In creating mentorship programs, employers can motivate members of all generations, who will enjoy sharing their skill sets and forging connections with their colleagues. Mentorships have the added benefit of cultivating loyalty, and improving communication across generations.

    Workplace Motivation Across Generations

    As Generation X moves into leadership positions, employees can begin to delegate training of new employees to members of this generation. However, leadership roles do not necessarily need to be defined by age. Instead, cultivating a collaborative environment will help each employee feel valued for his or her unique skill set. In integrating lower-level employees with experienced team members, employers can minimize generational differences and instead focus on commonalities.